Cream cheese with salmon
Feel the taste of the sea!Soft cheese and delicate slices of red fish served on freshly baked bread with fresh vegetables
Omelette and cheese
Start your morning with the classic combination of a puffy tortilla and baked melted cheese on freshly baked bread, tossed
Italian spicy
This is a classic sandwich made with slices of hot pepperoni and salami, topped with cream cheese. Want to spice things up a bit more?
Chicken breast
Tender chicken fillet combined with fresh vegetables of your choice on freshly baked bread. Ingredients for the Chicken breast
This sandwich is simply a gift from the sea. Squeezed and mixed in the right proportion with the mayonnaise, the tuna gives
Chicken and melted bacon
Slices of chicken fillet combined with two strips of bacon, topped with cheese melted in the oven, with fresh vegetables
Treat yourself to hot potato patties combined with your favorite sauce.
Grilled meat
Juicy roast beef and your choice of fresh vegetables on freshly baked bread, combined with your favorite sauce.
Pepperoni Pizza Sub
A delicious and hearty sandwich made with slices of spicy pepperoni, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese on freshly
Another low calorie sandwich. Brilliant in its simplicity. The ham sandwich continues to be a favorite with many of our customers.

SubWay Menu Nutrition Facts

Subway is more than a place to eat, it's a food trend in every city. The ham sandwich, for example, is a legendary item on the restaurant's menu, while the biscuit and roast beef salad is a well-priced meal reimagined. Don't miss out, all new with the new Subway menu!

Subway slogan is "Eat Fresh." Here the emphasis is on freshly baked bread and lots of vegetables, which frame the meat or fish component. Each selected dish can be ordered in three varieties: sandwich, roll or salad. For the sandwich, you can choose between six types of bread, which are baked fresh. Roll: the filling is wrapped in a flatbread. Salad - just the filling, without bread.

SubWay Menu Calorie Information

Subway has fewer calories than its competitors. And for those of us who care about health and figure, it is a good idea to take advantage of it.

At Subway, the calorie content of sandwiches isn't as daunting as at our favorite McDonald's. And they use fresh vegetables (you can judge the quality by looking at the ingredients in front of you) and less fatty meats than most other chains.

Tuna has a fraction of the calories of a cheeseburger with a pork chop, literally oozing fat. Turkey and ham are also less harmful. Of the vegetables, the producer prefers tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, olives and green salad. If it weren't for the bread, Subway would be considered almost dietary.