1% Low Fat Milk: A Healthy Drink Option from Subway

1% Low Fat Milk

Subway’s 1% Low Fat Milk is a popular choice for health-conscious individuals. Made from the finest ingredients, this refreshing beverage is a great source of calcium and other essential nutrients. The 1% fat content ensures a lighter option without compromising on taste. Served chilled for maximum enjoyment, this milk is a perfect accompaniment to any Subway meal. So, whether you’re looking to quench your thirst or add some extra nutrition to your meal, Subway’s 1% Low Fat Milk is the way to go.

Ingredients of 1% Low Fat Milk

Here is a list of ingredients you’ll find in Subway’s 1% Low Fat Milk:

  • Milk (1% fat)

Calories in 1% Low Fat Milk at Subway

Check the calorie content of 1% Low Fat Milk beverage at Subway.

Size Calories
8 fl oz 100
16 fl oz 200
24 fl oz 300

Price of 1% Low Fat Milk in Subway menu

Here are the average prices for 1% Low Fat Milk from Subway menu:

  1. Regular size: $2.39
  2. Large size: $2.89
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