Chips: A Perfect Side Dish for Your Subway Meal


Chips from the Subway menu are a popular side dish option for many customers. Made from sliced potato, these crispy and savory snacks are loved by people of all ages.

Chips Ingredients

Here is a list of ingredients used in making chips at Subway:

  • Potatoes
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt

Calories in Chips

Item Calories
Regular Chips 230
BBQ Chips 240
Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips 230
Salt and Vinegar Chips 220

Chips Price

Here are the average prices for chips from Subway menu:

  1. Classic Lay’s Chips – $1.99
  2. Baked Lay’s Chips – $1.99
  3. Miss Vickie’s Chips – $2.29
  4. Sunchips Harvest Cheddar – $2.29
  5. Simply Cheetos – $2.29
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