Veggie Flatizza: A Delicious and Healthy Option at Subway

Veggie Flatizza

Veggie Flatizza is a delicious and healthy option from the Subway menu. It is a rectangular-shaped pizza made with fresh vegetables and topped with a blend of melted cheese.

The Veggie Flatizza is a perfect choice for vegetarians as it does not contain any meat or poultry. Instead, it is loaded with a variety of colorful and flavorful vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and olives.

What sets this flatbread pizza apart is its crispy thin crust, made with wholesome ingredients and baked to perfection. The crust is slightly chewy and complements the toppings perfectly.

For cheese lovers, the Veggie Flatizza will not disappoint. It is generously topped with a blend of melted cheese that adds a creamy and savory element to every bite.

Whether you are a vegetarian or simply looking for a lighter alternative to traditional pizza, the Veggie Flatizza is an excellent choice for a satisfying and nutritious meal. It is the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and flavors, making it a favorite among health-conscious individuals.

Ingredients of Veggie Flatizza:

The Veggie Flatizza at Subway contains:

  • Flatbread
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Green peppers
  • Red onions
  • Black olives
  • Spinach
  • Herbs and spices

Calories in Veggie Flatizza

Find out the calories and nutritional information in Subway’s Veggie Flatizza.

Ingredient Calories
Veggie Patty 150
Fresh Vegetables 15
Mozzarella Cheese 90
Flatbread 230
Marinara Sauce 35
Total 520

Price of Veggie Flatizza at Subway

Here are the average prices for Veggie Flatizza from Subway menu:

  1. Veggie Flatizza 6-inch: $5.99
  2. Veggie Flatizza 12-inch: $9.99
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